Stockholm Airport Informational Guide to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) - Non Official

Stockholm Airport Parking

Stockholm Airport Parking has 22,000 parking spaces to properly leave your car and take your flight. 

Even though the number of airport parking spaces may seem high enough, during peak season it can be quite difficult to find a parking space. Also prices tend to be very expensive.

Premium Parking

The Premium SkyCity parking it is a multi storey car park. Get to terminal in just 2 minutes. 


- 429 kr per day. 

Express indoor

It is the closest indoor parking to the terminals. 

Express Indoor P21/P22

Close to terminal 2.


- 349 kr per day.

Express Indoor P41

Just 2 minutes walking from Terminal 5.


- 369 kr per day.

Express Indoor P53, P55

Just 5 minutes walking to Terminal 5.


- Around 389 to 399 kr per day.

express outdoor 

Express Outdoor P45/P46/P56/P57

Next to Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.


- 299 kr per day. 

Long-term parking

It is the farthest parking to the terminal. High security premises are established. To get there, there is available a free shuttle bus from either of the 4 terminals every 15 minutes. Passengers will find Long Term P2 Beta and P3 Alfa. 

Free shuttle bus direct to the terminals. 


- Prices start from 699 kr per week.  

Pick up & Drop off

Speaking about pick up & drop off options, you can choose to stay in the short-term car park. 

They are located next to each terminal. 

It allows passengers to park almost 1 hour and there is no need to pre-book unlike other parking options

Maximum of one hour. 


-  100 kr/hour.

electrical vehicle charging

Passengers will find charging areas along all the different parking areas at Stockholm Airport.